Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

Hello World

A few month ago, Sarahhh On & Clooos On founded Trim Tab Tapes.
We did so, because we wanted to put out our own shit and also stuff from bands we love.
Kind of silly, but we never claimed to be super smart.
We are not limited to some special sound, the music we put out has to be such one thing: super cool.

Our first release is a tape of our own band "ON ON ON" with handmade, drawn covers (done by Sarahhh ON) - very beautiful, i have to admit.


The next big thing is doing a compilation with the hottest shit bands from Berlin.
We are working like ants on that at the moment and keep you updated on this blog, if you are interested.

Enough for today. We have to draw covers now.
So enjoy the day and visit us from time to time.
And always remember the wise words of K. Schwitters: "Wir spielen bis uns der Tod abholt"

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