Montag, 25. Juni 2012


Finally we made it: Our first compilation (pictures below) is finished - 15 of berlin finest bands (listing below). Sarahhh On and me worked like assembly lines (nerves below). Thanks to all the bands!!!


You will only find some “praise the lord” statements here. Fuck it, we are no objective press. We were just doing a compilation with bands we love, so read on and you will know why:


ANTIHAIRBALL: The band with the best press text ever, starts with their, groovy but not funky noise stomper “m.c. escher 1”. Driving your motorbicycle fast while pressing the break hard, argh, the motor is steaming!

CAT´n´GUYEN: Dark, souly, dusty. This band is “not from here”. They come from a planet where everybody is super cool, wears black, walks edgy and laughs about music genres.

FUCHS DIMITRI: HA! Thats what we call “männermusik”. Music from men, wearing leather boots and jackets, even with leather, storm-proved, skin. But nice men, men who sit down to take a piss. Rock´n Roll to shave your face or your legs or fuck about that and let it grow long.

PARO: Fuck, do not know if outside germany there is the silly difference between brain music (for clever) and stomach music (for dancy-fancy). Paro do not give a shit about that. Its sexy to have something scientists call brain and while you think about that, you get a hard punch in the stomach.

JIMMY PISTOLE: The laziest band on earth. Existing since 1979. Influenced Negative Approach. Prefer drinking beer instead of recording.

100000 TONNEN KRUPPSTAHL: What should you expect from a band, that called their first longplayer, “kill your kids and die”? Right: fast, blast, we-take-no-prisoners-mayhem with some excelent humour!

THE DRIFTWOOD FAIRYTALES: Relax now, while listening to the poppy, emotional sing-a-long from these masters of “we know how to get some emotions into your boring life” dudes. Recorded live at the ramones museum (Joey Ramones jeans were shaking ).


MAN MEETS BEAR: Come to the dream land. Meditate, realize that we are all one and wonder “how the fuck do these thoughts came into my wasted brain?”. You are listening to MAN MEETS BEAR, idiot!

THE BRUNETTEZ: Punk as fuck – what else should you say about this smasher? “Punk is dead” you think and you are right. THE BRUNETTEZ do not give a shit about it, and that’s, guess what? PUNK AS FUCK!

BATALJ: “Snail Satan” must be a good friend of these guys. HOLY FUCK! Destroy, create, destroy, create..... like mephisto says (kind of): part of the power that wants to create evil but creates the good.
X.A. CUTE: Music by the John Peels of Berlin. These guys know a lot about any kind of music. They visit us here with a “definition-of-cool” track.

NERF: Ever heard an angry chicken, complaining about our shitty world (or something else, or not complaining at all)? You can hear it here, by these maniacs, who know how to write fantastic sonx: put 10 ideas into 3 seconds. YEAH!

SUPERGLÜE: “It’s the train, do you have a ticket? THIS IS THE TRAIN!” Got it? We neither. But we want a ticket. Maybe three or four. Travelling with these guys must be fun. But beware, this finnish shouter seems to be quite angry.

HURE: ???, are they kidding? No, or yes, or maybe. Go and see them live to get your brain fucked, by these “we always play last because everybody is leaving when we start, not fair to the other bands though” guys.
ON ON ON: We were clever enough, to put one of our own songs on this compilation. The good thing about having a major label.


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