Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

the party is over

thanks to all the bands that cooperated so nice, you were great! sometimes we thought, that it´s maybe not a good idea to do such a thing - 10 minutes each band, no real soundcheck. that's something we get filled up everywhere: short impacts, no need for concentration and paying attention, "give me more information before i have to think about the last thing i saw". but we are running a fucking tape label, and tapes are slowrolling, at least you have to stand up and push a forward button if you wanna skip a song - and wait. and as Tom said to me, when i opened him the gates to scnapsloch, "it´s a stupid idea, but nice!" let's keep it this way. if any of your bands wanna play at trickster, with a real soundcheck, free drinks, doormoney (and a gremlin that puts some chocolate into your mouth after any song you played) feel free to contact us!

all in all we had a great time and we hope you too!

special thanks goes out to Lars (driving), the whore Igor (equipment), Chrischan (sound) and to all the other nice helping hands!!!

for us its time to read a book, look out of the window and be silent. but only for a while: WE GOT NEW PLANS ALREADY!

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