Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Little advertising: THIS COULD HAPPEN!

Just imagine: coming home from a noisy, sweaty dance competition with a one night stand wonder. But there is some ice between you and him/her. No sex in sight. Just silly smalltalk. Then it comes to music. Just imagine you have all the trimtabtapes, lightend with a spotlight, on your desk. You could say: I am not limited to some special sound. I listen to all kind of music - if its super cool.”. The one night stand wonder would propably reply: “oh you are so open minded. Lets have sex with passion and wilderness!” This could happen. And maybe it turns out that the one night stand wonder becomes your partner. You marry, get kids, plant a tree and sell all the silly trimtabtapes. This could happen. So get em all (if you are not married already).

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