Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

TTT # 8 - CAT´N´GUYEN shinyhiphopdeathfuck

Huiii TrimTabTapes goes Hip Hop! Of course no macho, tough guy bullshit. But wait! Actually this is tough guy music - no macho shit though. All that testosterone filled idiot rappers sound like Fips Asmussen compared to Cat´n´Guyen. Ya know, that Loretteck singer has balls bigger than Charles Bronsons head and Catboys distorted basslines rumbling their way directly to your central nervous system. Thats the way we like it baby!! This is perfect music to hang around and feel like the coolest person alive. But thats just imagination, because the sound of the coolest persons alive are coming directly out of your speakers. But don´t be sad, being part of the Cat´n´Guyen family makes you at least 666% cooler. So get this fucking awsome tape. We made a beautiful silk screen cover - lots of work, i can tell you! And uuuuhhh, you will get 2 bonus trax here that you cannot download and which are not on CD!

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