Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

TTT # 17 - the BRUNETTEZ

Yeah, this time we made a tape with one of the home bands of our favourite schnapsloch. They are in some way a little similar to our own band ononon - start to play an instrument by starting a band. The spirit of 77 or 66 or whatever you wanna call it. We call it punky, snotty and cool as Bruce Lee (actually he practiced a little more to become that cool). The singer is what we call in germoney a "rockröhre", the music is cheap but catchy with a nice garage sound. The right formular that will keep the teenager in us alive and hopefully there will always be bands like this.

This time, we at TTT were not involved in the cover artwork. The BRUNETTEZ did it all by themselves. Very beautiful we have to admit. So catch this golden gem, drink some beers and enjoy the moment.

Its the golden Tape. Check also their website:

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