Freitag, 2. November 2012


Yeah, we got a new tape! It all started when we met Benno. "Oh you are running a tape label", he said, " I wanna release my sound on tape also". In a mixture of drunkeness and megalomania we answered, "ok, just send us your stuff. Maybe we will make a star out of you". Later we asked, what kind of music he is actually doing. "Some hippie stuff", he answered. "Hups", we thought. "we are some punk kids, who hate hippie crap". But Benno is such a kind and nice guy that we wanted to give it a try. Expecting some kitschy camp fire songs about nudism, flowers and smoking grass, we listened to his stuff the other day. A little afraid, that we do not like it and have to say something like, "hmmm, great, but this is not our bottle of beer". But uhhhh, the first listen was like, "oh, better than we thought". Second listen was, "hmm, its great". Third listen was , "wowowowowow". Actually it is some camp fire music, but with a dark and kind of evil edge. We listened to it over and over again, getting naked, planting black roses and smoking crack (not really). Obvious that we wanted to release that stuff! Benno said, that the name of that "band" should be "Benautik". I was already thinking of writing some crap, that i am doing right now. But i thought i would write something like, "Actually it is some camp fire music, but camp fire music to seduce witches". Without knowing this, Benno told us, that he wanted to change the name of his "band" to Drowning Witches. Uhhhh, this could not be a coincident! It is pure witchcraft! And its true, this music is kind of magic. This Benno guy is a genius! He recorded 98% of this stuff doing everything: singing, guitar and 1000 other instruments. So if you will seduce a witch some time, put THIS tape into your player and succeed having wild, magic sex (or downloaded Sarahhhh On did some beautiful artwork here, so everything is perfekt. TTT is proud to present you this fucking, great tape (it is the wooden tape!):

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