Freitag, 9. November 2012

TTT # 6 - HURE s/t

HURE fucking destroys! How can such nice people do that kind of noisy brainfuck? Maybe it is that catharsis thing. Or its this "barking dogs do not bite" thing. But whatever it is, HURE barks like a rotten dog who is tortured with steel and fire. This sound is so fucking dirty, evil and rotten to the core, that even 99% out of the hard hitting rock´n´roll scene think its bullshit. But your favorite tape label TrimTabTapes is part of the 1% who thinks, this fucking bastard band rules like hell. Repetative and loud as fuck - thats what rock´n´ roll is meant to be. It all started with Little Richard and now we have HURE! This is the kind of music your parents will never understand. But fuck em all, get that tape and start banging your head against the wall.

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