Sonntag, 14. April 2013


When this RUSTY ROLAND guy is not doing da ollie kickflip, singing in a shitty hardcore band, taking care of his “i wanna be a soccer star” son, drawing fucking cool pictures, looking out of the window, he is doing that kind of weird music. We, at the TTT headquarter, are not really familiar with that electronic stuff. So how to describe it? What kind of fucking genre is that? We do not know. Lets keep it simple and have a look at Rusty Roland himself: Soon you have the 3 big “C”s – COOL, CALM and CLEVER! Yep, thats what this music is like. Listen to that stuff and imagine you are on your way. Sitting alone in your car, driving on a highway and the sun is just setting. Yeah, life is a journey! In the end you will have a great carcrash, which means your stupid little life is over. Dead.

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