Samstag, 11. Mai 2013


Yeah finally we made it!!! When we started TrimTabTapes a year ago, there were two bands that came first into our mind, which we wanted to put out: Hure und 100000 Tonnen. Luckily we convinced the rock´n´roll guys of Hure pretty quick. But in the end we got the masters of grind also into our tiny boat. Whats next? Plant a tree, make some stupid, little kids and die smiling? We will see.

But what do we have here? For all who do not know 100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl: You are idiots. The rest knows what to expect. Super duper grind, thrash, fuck-your-attitude stuff. More painful than a shot in the stomach and funnier then Otto Waalkes (actually a lot funnier). Just two guys that let this new metal scum look like funny birds (owls). They could shake hands with one of the best bands ever: Terrorizer! But fuck Terrorizer, a new dawn is breaking and it will be quite dusky. 100000 Tonnen deliver the soundtrack. Enjoy fucker.

If you are more into retrostuff you can get a CD here:


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