Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

TTT # 13 - ON ON ON "28 children songs for wasted adults"

Here we go: TTT house band ONONON released their second tape. Its always stupid to write something about your own band, so i will keep it short: Its supercool.

Don Chrischan was recording us in a cellar bar somewhere in Kreuzberg. We had 3 days to finish all the stuff and punk rock as we are, we managed it. For a few songs we did not even had lyriks at that time so we had to write some while we were recording or havin a beer break. Luckily the Don was patient with us. Thanks again for your help!!!

After recording, DJ Tulpe helped us with the mixing and did a great job. Thanks to you too, old buddy!!!

The artwork is mainly done with coffee (even the inlay photos). So this is the coffee tape.

Check it out:

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