Freitag, 8. November 2013

TTT # 14: FREDDY FUDD PUCKER - straight lines // gifts

We first met Freddy, when he was playing some music on Sarahhh On´s birthday party at our favorite schnapsloch. "What a cool dude", we thought, but it took a while until we did this awesome tape.
"Straight Lines" was what we wanted, but we got "Gifts" as well - powerful, intense music on the one side and weird, dark poetry on the other side makes this a wonderful gift.
So actually Freddy did all the artwork, we just helped cutting and glueing here and there. It´s always nice and inspiring to meet people who are so much rooted in that kind of diy culture. For sure this guy is one of these. And here it comes to his music: Melancholic, but on the other hand very happy. TrimTabTapes loves this kind of antithesis. Fuck, thats what life is about. Knowing that you will loose in the end but keep on struggling. Like Freddy: Always on the road, playing as much as he can, from shitty basements to nice bars. Meeting some nice people all over the world, do the things you love and don´t care about tomorrow. Thank you, Freddy, for remembering us what really matters.

Get your chance to see this guy playing live and check out this nice video, which features a song thats on this tape:

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