Freitag, 10. Januar 2014


Trim Tab Tapes files this beautiful tape under “music”. Just music, that is so nice, that you can listen to this tape over and over again (which is, what we did at the trimtabtapes headquarter). Super cool sound, super nice melodies, super effective drumming! Just two guys create music that you have to cry and smile at the same time, while you are listening. They call their style “imaginary filmscores”. And thats what it is. For sure it was our soundtrack in the year 2013 for something that we call “our life”.

Because of the strong feeling of beeing a soundtrack for a supercool movie, we decided to transfer that element into the layout. We shot some impressions on an old 8mm camera (thanks Ole!!!), digitalized it and Romain cut a nice music video for the song “Valencia” (see below). Then we took the filmstrip, cut it into pieces and glue it on transparent paper, so every tape has a different scene on the cover. You can watch the video and see whats your scene when you got one of these nice cassettes. Here you got it, the MOVIE TAPE:

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