Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

TTT # 16: KARMACOPTER – „erzkaul bei nacht“

Karmacopter is fucking dead! What a bummer. But they played their last gig at our favourite “Schnapsloch” in xberg. Great concert and party we can tell you! I first saw Karmacopter when we were on a small tour with a band called ITALIEN, which is also rest in pieces. We ended up in some town somewhere south germany. First of all DJ Tulpe and me were doing some “hörspiele” (radio plays). No one paid attention. We already knew that from the day before and again we thought, “yeah, maybe its a shitty idea, to tour with a punk band”. Then Italien were playing and there was no reaction either. There were a lot of people, but erverybody was standing at the bar, drinking beer and talking to his or her “friends”. Then Karmacopter hit the stage and i thought, “holy shit, what a great band!”. But again no one paid attention - except us 5 idiots. In the end the local band was playing some 08/15 “i heard it 1000 times before” punk and the crowd was getting wild, while we were going outside to smoke a cigarette. I still don´t get that punk bigotry. But whatever, Karmacopter were always to clever to be punk and too punk to be clever. Sounds silly, but here and there some people will understand what i am trying to say.

And now they are dead. No chance to see them play live again. So it was an honour for us to release their last ep “erzkaul bei nacht” in a really small edition of just 25 tapes, who were only available at their last gig. But do not cry, download it for free here:

And now, shut the fuck up and listen to green day.

the "weiße Schneedecke-Tape"

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