Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

TTT # 16 ½: NEON BONE – „tapes and singles 2011-2013“

This time we did a tape in cooperation with “kill all humans records” and “trainwreck tapes”. Its a compilation of everything Neon Bone has released so far and this is a fucking burner! So if you are into cheasy, super melody punk, get one of these tapes. Mr. Neon Bone has more energy than a whole kindergarten with kids on speed. He plays every instrument himself and releases hit after hit, that even lee hazlewood would be jealous, if still alive. Everything this guy touches becomes gold! He was also part of the fantastic ihatyou band “Regina Regenbogen” and the kings of prollcore “Another Wrong”, but thats another story. (And he is owner of the mighty “kackeldackel”, which alone makes him one of the coolest persons around.)

Its the Comictape

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