Freitag, 13. März 2015

TTT # 20 - JIMMY PISTOLE "s/t"

Finally the laziest band on earth has released something. It took us just 10 years to put out this tape. But the waiting was worth it: its a fucking burner! "In your fucking fuckface, fucker" hardcore with all the ingredients you need for some oldskool entertainment: silly humour, monster riffs and working class shouting. Sascha from Unterschichten records mixed it up and this man knows how to do so, we can tell you!

TTT put a lot of effort into doing this kindergarten tape. There are a few action hero cards in every cassette and everything is silly coloured. So get it, as long its available!

But now its time to shut up and say thank you: Don Chrischan for helping recording, Sascha for mixing, Torsten for stuff and Matthi for art!

Its the childish tape!

check this out! This time DJ Tulpe aka "der Kapitän" did this video:

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