Freitag, 8. Mai 2015

Pretty soon TTT will conquer the world

Hey people! TTT was quite silent for a while but that does not mean we were lazy. So all you long dawarfs an small giants can look forward to new stuff from our band ONONON. We recorded 19 sonx with fabulous VEIT RAUSCH doing the recording. Very analog on a 8 track cassette machine. And uups, this comes pretty last minute: we are playing tomorrow in potsdam at La Datscha (

The next Tapetresen will be on the 21th of may at our favourite schnapsloch. Come along and bring some tapes!

New releases are also in progress but mysterious as we are, we do not tell you what it will be. There was also a very little interview on fluxfm which will be aired on monday morning.

Thats it for today. Now its time to celebrate the soldiers who beat down germany 70 years ago. SALUTE!

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